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 4Minute's promotion in Japan is in full swing

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PostSubject: 4Minute's promotion in Japan is in full swing   Thu Sep 09, 2010 6:41 am

4Minute, SNSD, KARA and Brown-Eyed Girls also known as the "combination" to promote in the Japanese market are up in full swing.

As part of their stradegy in order to promote successfully in Japan, the girls are making use of their titles such as "Hottest in Korea" and "Best in Asia", to gain support and fans in Japan.

On 6th August this year, a scale was made to determine their level of success, brought about by groups such as SNSD and KARA. Results have shown that there was little marketing due to a low number of promotions made.

Although the combination of Korean Girl Groups are up in full swing, there is a difference in their ways of capturing and attracting audiences.

Source: Baidu
Translation + Reporting + Editing: iLoveHyunaaa@4-minute.com


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4Minute's promotion in Japan is in full swing
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