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 4minute's Bare Faces & Photoshoot for Ariul Cosmetics

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PostSubject: 4minute's Bare Faces & Photoshoot for Ariul Cosmetics   Thu Sep 09, 2010 6:40 am

Our 4Minute girls revealed their bare faces together and showed off their natural beauty.
The girls took off their makeup for MBC Bouquet which is scheduled to be aired on September 12th. In the photos, you can see the girls’ young and innocent charm instead of their usual powerful and charismatic look on stage. The other cast also praised the girls and they referred to them as ‘skin beauties’/natural beauties.

Source: Popseoul
Reporting + Editing: cmrs14 @4-minute.com

4Minute has been garnering a lot of interests since they started storming their respective net accounts with their selca photos showing off their Pretty Natural and Fresh Faces. This only proves how they could be the BEST choice for Ariul's cosmetic advertisements.

As part of their activities for promoting the cosmetic brand, the beautiful girls of 4Minute had a very interesting photoshoot without their heavy make-up on, but instead, they showed their youthfulness and freshness through wearing simple dresses showing their beautiful and porcelain-like skin from head to toe.

The girls themselves said that they enjoyed and felt privileged on doing the photoshoot and shared their personal thoughts on how they keep their skin beautiful and healthy. Kim HyunA also talked about her recent selcas from Japan that topped net search rankings which shows off her beautiful white skin.

The video of their photoshoot was aired on MNET's HOT WIDE:

Source: nguyenmt1401 YT Channel
Reporting + Translating: ashleylovesasia@4-minute.com


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4minute's Bare Faces & Photoshoot for Ariul Cosmetics
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