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 2AM to hold first-ever solo concert in December

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PostSubject: 2AM to hold first-ever solo concert in December   Wed Sep 08, 2010 11:50 pm

2AM to hold first-ever solo concert in December

Ballad group 2AM revealed at Kwon's fan meeting, 'Happy Kwon's Day,' that they will be holding their first ever solo concert in December.

Jo Kwon revealed, "We wanted to show you a lot of different songs today but we'll be opening a concert soon so please wait for us until then. We'll show you everything we have."

2AM's agency spoke with Kuki News on the 29th and stated, "Around the end of December, 2AM will be opening their first concert. It will be like a tour, starting in Seoul and going all across the country. It will most likely be open until February."

Information regarding the location and time will be released in November.


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2AM to hold first-ever solo concert in December
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