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 4Minute and KARA displays their close friendship

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PostSubject: 4Minute and KARA displays their close friendship   Tue Sep 07, 2010 6:42 am

On the 5th of September, 4Minute and KARA were made guest appearances on MBC youth variety show "Flower Bouquet". During the show, 4Minute were questioned by the MCS if they see KARA as their rivals since they had recently joined the Kpop stars in their debut in the Japanese music scene. SoHyun, who is 4Minute's youngest member, responded warmly with, "We even went to eat ddeobboki with KARA. We frequent the ddeobboki village with KARA."”

Adding on to that, Hyunah also commented that,"Even though we advanced into the Japanese music scene first, but seeing KARA become famous in the Japanese music scene makes us happy too."

Meanwhile, the two groups had a little showdown of their Japanese language that were being picked up from their Japanese Promotions.

Results are known here.

Sources: Sookyeong
Reporting + Editing: iLoveHyunaaa@4-minute.com


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4Minute and KARA displays their close friendship
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