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 [VID] FTI @StarGoldenBell 100904

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PostSubject: [VID] FTI @StarGoldenBell 100904   Mon Sep 06, 2010 1:03 am

On KBS2 show, ‘Star Golden Bell Class 1 Grade 1” (MC’s Ji Seok Jin, Jung Da Eun, Shin Jung Hwan, Eun Ji Won, Kim Tae Hyun, Jung Joo Ri), FT Island, who had come back from a successful debut in Japan, shared some interesting laughs.

As they were sharing stories of their activities in Japan, MC Ji Seok Jin threw out the question, “What was the most interesting gift you received from a Japanese fan?”

To this, Jonghun’s shocking confession of, “We’ve gotten a life-size mannequin doll of a female. Though it may have probably been given with good intentions, it was awkward to figure out how to deal with the gift,” brought everyone laughter.

Afterwards, though Hong Ki reacted outrageously flustered to the statement “Now that doll is in Hong Ki’s room,” it was revealed that “Hong Ki once even brushed the doll’s hair,” and Eun Ji Won’s statement “Lend it to Seok Jin hyung!” brought even more laughter to the studio.

Also, Jong Hun and Seung Hyun revealed, “Hong Ki often threatens to blackmail us with videos of us showering,” to which MC Shin Jung Hwan casually joked, “FT Island has a lot of time.”

In addition, pictures of Hong Ki’s “homeless” lifestyle in Japan were shown, and also many other FT Island episodes during their Japanese activities, B2ST’s Yong Hun Hyung identified fellow member Ki Kwang’s most celebrity-like moment, Shin Jung Hwan and Han Ji Woo’s pink-light love mode, comedian Jang Dong Min pointing out actor Bae Yong Jun’s hairstyle’s unfair(?) sparks are all revealed.

For the videos go to :

FUNNIEST PART, game part

Source: Artsnews + hyunjung61293 @ Silh0uette
Video source: asianpopmusic@youtube
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[VID] FTI @StarGoldenBell 100904
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