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 Hangeng “Heechul remains to be my best friend”

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PostSubject: Hangeng “Heechul remains to be my best friend”   Sun Sep 05, 2010 11:36 am

Hangeng “Heechul remains to be my best friend”

Ex-Super Junior Hangeng openly states, “Heechul remains to be my best friend,” for a Chinese article.

As the previous member of SJ, Hangeng was the only foreigner and didn’t know any Korean. Heechul was his first friend and roommate, taking good care of Hangeng both on work and usual life.

Hangeng said: He is my best friend. we lived together and shared every word with each other.

They were always staying together on shows, kissing and giving love performance. Heechul was hurt most badly when Hangeng quitted. The concert in Beijing this January was the first one without Hangeng. Heechul was crying heavily when singing the song .

It is the first time that Hee’s fans have seen Heechul crying in concert. Hangeng has more chances aftering leaving SJ, and Heechul is glad for that. Heechul also talked about the story that he taught Hangeng lyrics of Korean songs in the broadcast YS.

Their friendship (affections) never dies. Hangeng visited Korea for 2 days, shooting MV of , but he was too busy to invite Heechul. They didn’t meet until Heechul specifically joined him

Stated by Hangeng, Heechul is his best friend which would never change. Han’s Mum is a good cook especially for dumplings, Hangeng hopes to invite Heechul to Mum’s restaurant and have a try.

SOURCE: http://t.sina.com.cn/1736113792
Translated by: hotspicykimchi@wordpress
Shared by: Heechul-Petals.com


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PostSubject: Re: Hangeng “Heechul remains to be my best friend”   Sun Sep 05, 2010 10:28 pm

OMG!!! Τι ήτανε ατό !! γιατί ανατρίχιασα όταν το διάβασα , πωπω συγκινήθηκα!!!
ΜΠΡΑΒΟ Heechull

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Hangeng “Heechul remains to be my best friend”
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