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 Jokwon sports a middle part

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PostSubject: Jokwon sports a middle part   Sat Sep 04, 2010 9:02 pm

Jokwon sports a middle part

2AM’s Jokwon posted quite a hilarious picture of himself at the JYP center in Korea.
He updated his Twitter, “Practice ended. Somehow I ended up with this hair part. Everyone Kwon night.”
He’s really sharing lots of selcas these days and they’re all pretty
entertaining, especially this one because he looks like an animated

Netizens wrote,
“So cute.”
“I can’t get used to the hair. He has a celebrity image.”
“Kwon is so cute. I wanna meet him even in my dreams.”
“His hairstyle made me crack up.”
Doesn’t he look ridiculous?


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Jokwon sports a middle part
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