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 4minute models for Shoe Marker

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PostSubject: 4minute models for Shoe Marker   Thu Sep 02, 2010 9:58 pm

After a short hiatus, the 4minute girls will show their bright faces again through an endorsement.

The Shoe Marker brand revealed on the 3rd, that they finished the filming of their commercial with 4minute.

The commercial will air mid-September, and the shoes will also be showcased at Shoe Marker retail stores.

Even though the 4minute members had to make numerous trips from Seoul to MooAhn and film until the break of dawn, they did not complain. Instead, they always smiled and even danced for the tired staff, creating a fun and cheerful work environment.

The representative for the brand expressed, “4minute’s uniqueness since their debut and Shoe Marker’s trendiness coordinated very well, leading to the extension of our contract“. He also added, “This was the perfect occasion to reveal fresh styles from Shoe Marker”.



Once a SHINEE always shininggggggg!!!!!
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4minute models for Shoe Marker
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