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 Super Show 3 Singapore concert date confirmed

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PostSubject: Super Show 3 Singapore concert date confirmed   Mon Aug 30, 2010 10:15 pm

Super Show 3 Singapore concert date confirmed

Great news for Singaporean ELFs! The date for ” Super Junior The 3rd Asia Tour “or ”Super Show 3″ in Singapore hasfinally been confirmed to be on January 29, 2011, with unofficial reports for the venue as the Singapore Indoor Stadium.
The previous Super Show 1 and 2 did not include Singapore in
their itinerary, much to the disappointment of fans. However, with the
huge demand and countless inquiries, the organizers, Running Into the Sun, has decided to announce their plan to bring Super Show 3 to Singapore.

Now that the date has been confirmed, it is expected that fans would
next be highly anticipating the day ticket prices go on sale. Because of
this expected demand and to prevent the skyrocketing of prices, the
organizers have opted to start the sale in November.

Source: omy
Translated: carousel-captor

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Super Show 3 Singapore concert date confirmed
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