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 BEAST as boyfriends? No!

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PostSubject: BEAST as boyfriends? No!   Sat Aug 28, 2010 7:29 am

2 weeks ago, 4Minute was invited to perform for the Celebrations@Marina Bay in Singapore as part of the many YOG related events. In their first visit to Singapore, 4Mintue put up an amazing stage at Marina Bay.

Too much into acting, neglecting image
4Minute members are aged between 16 and 20. Following the attention garnered by debut single Hot Issue released in June 2009, the group quickly became one of the most shining new girl groups. In recent years, competition between Korean idol groups have been fierce, just this year alone, at least 6 other rookie groups have debuted. Regarding that, 4Minute is confident that they will not end up at the back of the line.

Speaking of 4Minute's advantaged, GaYoon joked that all of them are young and pretty. "We are most concerned with presenting our fans powerful songs and dances. When we are on stage, we put in everything to it, we won't care about having a cute image or being perfect. We won't put up a pretence below the stage too, afterall the audience likes the most about our true selves," she added with a serious tone.

Indeed, when 4Minute was being interviewed in Japan, albeit the language barrier, the members have shown sincerity in their responses, with warm greetings at the start and end of the interviews, making it hard for anyone not to like them. Maybe this is 4Minute's appeal.

BEAST as boyfriends? No!
When Korean artists get on variety shows, they always have to showcase some of their hidden talents that have not been unveiled before. When asked about the members' talents, 4Minute revealed: SoHyun is good at studying, GaYoon is an expert at singing traditional Korean songs from the older generation, and HyunAh is a good cook whose specialties are stews.

This time, 4Minute performed alongside fellow labelmates, BEAST, who are handsome young men portrayed by many girls as their prince charming. However, the 5 girls think they are too familiar with each other, making it hard to spark off any chemistry. "To us, they are more like brothers. We always practice together, know too many of their secrets, we already have no illusion of them! If you ask them how they see us, the answer will be the same."

Source: ZB Comma 29th issue (hard copy from newspaper)
Picture credit: xinmsn.com & Edelman Public Relations
Translation: kueensora@4-minute.com


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BEAST as boyfriends? No!
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