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 If the world would end in 4 minutes, what are 4Minute's wishes?

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PostSubject: If the world would end in 4 minutes, what are 4Minute's wishes?   Sat Aug 28, 2010 7:27 am

In an interview conducted in Singapore when 4Minute was in the lion city to attend the Celebrations@Marina Bay event for YOG, a question was asked: If the world will end in 4 minutes, what are the things the members would want to do the most?

GaYoon said she will make a remix track of all 4Minute songs; JiHyun wished to perform for the last time on stage; SoHyun will write a will; HyunAh will hide in a safe place, bringing SoHyun and her will along.

However, the coolest looking JiYoon answered, "As idols, we usually have to look after our diet, but at this moment in time, I will throw away all worries, abandon my image and eat a lot!"

When the reporter heard that, she immediately shook hands with JiYoon in agreement. JiYoon, in response, was also delighted to find someone with a common interest.

After the interview has ended, JiYoon did not forget to remind the reporter, "If such a day arrives, we must definitely eat a lot happily!"

Source: ZB Comma 29th issue
Picture credit: xinmsn.com & Edelman Public Relations
Translation: kueensora@4-minute.com


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If the world would end in 4 minutes, what are 4Minute's wishes?
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