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 HyunAh and JiHyun Display A 'Celebrity Pose'

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PostSubject: HyunAh and JiHyun Display A 'Celebrity Pose'   Wed Aug 25, 2010 1:53 am

4minute's HyunAh and JiHyun gave off a celebrity pose on the streets of Japan.

Various pictures of HyunAh titled '4minute's HyunAh and Nam JiHyun On the Streets of Japan, Celebrity Poses' were published through a portal site on the 24th.

In the picture, HyunAh and Nam JiHyun displayed celebrity poses while laughing and showing off the fresh images of 19-year old high school girls. While wearing a mini florid one-piece, they presented an intimate image.

Particularly, HyunAh displayed strong charisma as her trademark blonde hair perfectly matched her black sunglasses.

Netizens who saw the picture showed hot interest by saying, "Whatever she does, pretty HyunAh," "They are definitely celebrities," and "Japanese people must have been surprised."

Source: TV Report
Reporting + Editing + Translating: kiwiannabear@4-minute.com


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HyunAh and JiHyun Display A 'Celebrity Pose'
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