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 4minute's JiYoon Reveals Her Cuteness On 'Bouquet'

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PostSubject: 4minute's JiYoon Reveals Her Cuteness On 'Bouquet'   Wed Aug 25, 2010 1:48 am

4minute's Jeon JiYoon's reverse cuteness is the topic of conversation.

During the recording of MBC's 'Bouquet', Jeon JiYoon aroused laughter with her '180 degree turn of cuteness' during the corner called 'A Time To Appeal Myself With a Number, Let Myself Known - S Pile'.

When JiYoon (who usually displays charisma with her powerful appearance instead of femininity) showed us her unexpected cuteness, they repeatedly said, "This was unexpected," and "That was so cute."

This episode will be broadcasted on August 22nd at 4:10 PM.

Source: Newsen
Reporting + Editing + Translating: kiwiannabear@4-minute.com


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4minute's JiYoon Reveals Her Cuteness On 'Bouquet'
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