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 An Interruption Occurs During 4minute's Recording

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PostSubject: An Interruption Occurs During 4minute's Recording   Wed Aug 25, 2010 1:46 am

While currently gathering attention with their striking abilities since their debut days, 4minute interrupted their broadcast recording.

In the recent broadcast of SBS E!TV's '4minute's All In', the 4minute members were shocked by how reality was more insufficient than they thought.

When the 4minute members realized that the citizens (from the interview) knew their music and their group, but not their names and faces, they refused to watch the video, and their couldn't pull themselves together as tears fell down.

4minute confessed, "Although we know that some people aren't aware [of us], it felt like the sky was falling down when some people said that in a much less obvious sounding way."

But, after pulling themselves together, 4minute put on a bright face and showed that they were determined to work harder to make themselves known.

Later, the members went to meet the citizens to make their name '4minute' known, and they prepared a performance to get closer to the public.

On the 20th at midnight, we can see 4minute's effort through SBS E!TV's '4minute's All In'.

Source: Consumer Times
Reporting + Editing + Translating: kiwiannabear@4-minute.com


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An Interruption Occurs During 4minute's Recording
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