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 Adam Couple fans donate $21,700 for 2 leukemia patients

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PostSubject: Adam Couple fans donate $21,700 for 2 leukemia patients   Sun Aug 22, 2010 3:57 am

Adam Couple fans donate $21,700 for 2 leukemia patients

In celebration of the Jo Kwon & GaIn couple's 1 year anniversary of
appearing on MBC's We Got Married, fans have gathered to do a good deed.

fans of DC Inside's 'We Got Married - Adam Couple' gallery donated a
total of $21,700 on the 20th in celebration of the couple's 1 year

The fans stated, "We did it out of the joy and
happiness we felt as we watched the Adam Couple for the past year. The
money was donated through the Korean Children's Cancer Association to
pay for the surgery of two children suffering from leukemia."

money was donated under the names of Jo Kwon and GaIn. The couple
received the donation certificates at the Brand New Concert on the 20th
and both left messages of thanks on their personal Me2days and Twitters.


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Adam Couple fans donate $21,700 for 2 leukemia patients
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