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 4minute in shoemaker CF?

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PostSubject: 4minute in shoemaker CF?   Thu Aug 19, 2010 8:18 am

[10.08.19] 4minute in shoemaker CF?

Ever wanted our girls to be in a shoemaker CF? Well by the looks of it, our dreams have come true! We don't have much information about it yet, but by the looks of these pictures, it looks like it's going to happen! We also see a picture of what looks like signatures.

We see the girls in pictures standing near some shoes, so what else can it be? If anyone has any information about this feel free to share.

Here are some of the thoughts and comments of the netizens.

Quote :
"HyunAh's new hairstyle, woo!"
"they look beautiful!!"
"our horse looks so cute!"
"hard work!!"

So what does every one else think? Possible CF in the making? Looking forward to this? Share your thoughts!

Source: Baidu.com
Reported + Translated by: inuseed@4-minute.com


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4minute in shoemaker CF?
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