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 Secretive Activity on Thailand

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PostSubject: Secretive Activity on Thailand   Thu Aug 19, 2010 8:12 am

[10.08.19] 4Minute Had a Secretive Activity on Thailand

We're all aware that our 4Minute girls are really working hard by just knowing how many activities they have just done inside and outside their country. With that, CUBE Entertainment, with the help of their staff, usually give us pieces of information with regards to specific details of all their activities.

However, several information has been revealed through some fans that 4Minute had a number of activities in Thailand which were not announced beforehand by anyone from Cube. It was reported that 4Minute arrived on Thailand at around 9PM on the 17th of August. The group stayed at Dusit Thani Hotel. We were also informed that they filmed something at a place called "Moonstar studio" and recorded Scotch prune CF on the 18th of August. They also had a photoshoot on the 19th and left the country at that same day.

Until now, we have no official news from Universal Music Thailand, the schedule this time was kept as a secret.

Having these things done secretly and privately, 4Nias are again bombarded with a lot of prediction and inferences on whatever purpose these activities serve for. Some fans think that this might be for another promotional activity while others think that it might be for a photobook, or the girls were simply given a chance to have a group vacation for all their hardwork.

However, we all know that CUBE never fail their supporters with all the teasers they are providing. Nevertheless, just expect another shocking news from 4Minute!

Source: LuCifeRes
Reporting + Editing: ashleylovesasia@4-minute.com


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Secretive Activity on Thailand
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