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 SS3 in Seoul filmed in 3D

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PostSubject: SS3 in Seoul filmed in 3D   Wed Aug 18, 2010 10:56 am

KDC Information Technology (Representatives KimTaeSob KimSangJin) subsidiary of RealScope with SBS, SBS Plus, together with SM Entertainment filmed idol group Super Junior’s Concert in 3D (.) They’ve revealed on the 18th that they have successfully finished the filming.

This past 14th~15th at the Olympic Stadium where the concert opened, they filmed using 6 sets of 3D cameras and 5 sets of American 3Ality’s camera used in the movie Avatar (.) In total, they used 11 sets of 3D cameras.

Source: Asiae
Translated by julzzzz@sj-world.net
shared by dkpopnews


WOW! Irthe h wra na xreisimopoihsw thn 3D othonh tou laptop m xD
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SS3 in Seoul filmed in 3D
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