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 YG's announcement regarding 2NE1's comeback! 2NE1's Full First Album Release !!

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PostSubject: YG's announcement regarding 2NE1's comeback! 2NE1's Full First Album Release !!   Mon Aug 16, 2010 11:58 pm

This coming September 9th… is scheduled as the day that 2NE1's first full length album will be released.

Out of the total 12 tracks on the first album titled <To Anyone>,
6 of the songs are new songs, 4 are the previously released digital singles,
and 2 bonus tracks are planned to be released.

Last time, 2NE1 had conducted the unique promotion style of 1 performance a week
As a result, we think that 2NE1 fans must be really curious about how the first full album's promotions will be run.

2NE1's Unique Promotions

2NE1's first full length album will have 3 official title songs
These title songs will be all equally promoted simultaneously

Occasionally, as a producer, I've heard the words "double title track" a couple times before but,
This is the first time that I've heard of a triple title track and I'm sure everyone will find it a little strange.

The trouble with setting more than one title song is that,
budget for producing music videos at the same time, in addition time (itself), is a huge burden
Also if the song doesn't become accepted favorably by the public, it will perform poorly on charts
And as a result it was a difficult plan of action to carry out.

Out of the 4 main TV programs, 3 of them are music chart programs, and so
Even if it was a double title track situation, the broadcasting companies only want songs that will climb high on the charts and so the truth is that we expect there to be a lot of difficulties but

Even still, our reason for taking such a difficult road,
Is that rather than wanting to hit first place, we really want to display
2NE1's various and diverse music styles.

2NE1's music collaboration with "Will. I. Am"

Several months ago, 2NE1 teamed up with Black Eyed Peas' leader and producer Will.I.Am.

Of course this is my opinion but if I had to pick one producer among famous Western ones out there, it would probably be Will.I.Am.

It's because, as everyone knows, in 2009, the he recorded many hit singles with The Black Eyed Peas including "Boom Boom Pow," "I Gotta Feeling," "Imma Be," and "Rock That Body," in their album <THE E.N.D>. In addition, there was "Satisfaction," by John Legend, who actually visited Korea, "in the ayer" by Flo-Rida, and Usher's "O.M.G." among others.

After Will.I.am was introduced to 2NE1 through their music video by a close friend, he immediately wanted to try producing for them, and revealed that if 2NE1 were to promote in America, he would personally help them. Thus the opportunity for Will.I.Am and 2NE1 to collaborate appeared.

Everyone was shocked by Will.I.Am's completely unimaginable reaction.

Before, working with Will.I.Am was only considered a dream for 2NE1 but now it has become reality. Traveling to LA and London, among other places in 3 turns, and after producing music for approximately 3 weeks, right now they have finished recording 10 songs.

For "Will.I.Am" to produce so many songs that are not even for his own albums like this
Is truly rare.

The album was produced while keeping their American debut in mind, all the 10 songs have been recorded in English,
Since 3 members are fluent in English out of 2NE1, recording of the album went much easier than imagined.

2NE1's plans to Debut in America

Even up till now, 2NE1's plans to debut in America or the time frame they are planned to debut is not solid.

Since currently, "Will. I. Am" is on his "Black Eyed Peas" world tour, in addition, he is also working on the next album for "Black Eyed Peas", considering all these situations,
It seems like it'll be difficult for 2NE1 to debut in America this current year.

Although we're consulting "Will.I.Am" who holds the key to 2NE1's American debut for future plans and decisions, we are trying to avoid keeping 2NE1 in the US for promotions for a very long time.

We don't want to neglect their Korean activities from which they've received so much love from, in addition
Next year, with plans to do large scale promotions in Japan for the first time ever,
We are trying to plan the most efficient method to promote in three countries at the same time .

YG's main producer, TEDDY, who has aided with 2NE1's American recordings
participated in the producing of all of the songs with "Will. I. Am" but since the two are far apart from each other
Sooner or later, Teddy is planning to leave the country to produce with other famous producers
Being able to produce together with those people, I certainly anticipating this to impact YG's music in the future.

The process of recording with "Will.I.Am" will be broadcasted during "2NE1TV Season 2" starting in September on M.NET.

Source: http://www.ygfamily.com
Translated by GEE & elise @ ygladies.com

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Proud mother of the forum

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PostSubject: Re: YG's announcement regarding 2NE1's comeback! 2NE1's Full First Album Release !!   Tue Aug 17, 2010 12:12 am

Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay!!!!! Epitelous!!!!! I really can't wait for this!!!!

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YG's announcement regarding 2NE1's comeback! 2NE1's Full First Album Release !!
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