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 Miss A's Min talks about Kkab Kwon and the JYP family

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PostSubject: Miss A's Min talks about Kkab Kwon and the JYP family   Sat Aug 14, 2010 9:13 am

Miss A's Min talks about Kkab Kwon and the
JYP family

"Jokwon oppa? Aigo, don't ask. Even in real life he is the whole concept
of kkab"

Girl group miss A's Min said about 2AM's member Jokwon
"His real personality is exactly the same as on broadcast", "I didn't
even imagine that he would act kkab like that even on broadcast",
letting out a laugh.

During a recent interview with TVDaily, Min
revealed "Me and Jokwon oppa spent our trainee days together since we
were little so we're close friends", "He's always acting kkab in real
life, I thought 'he wouldn't act like it on broadcast', but one day all
of a sudden he started to act kkab on TV so I was shocked."

people think his real self is different to his image on TV, but Jokwon
oppa is exactly the same", "But since most people take it in playfully, I
think that's why the general people like it too."

The real
personality of Kwon as 'Kkab Kwon' was something that was already
popular within JYP Entertinament. On a TV broadcast, Park Jin Young said
"I called him, telling him off for always showing a comical behavior on
TV, but there was no use. He was the first artist to be signed into the

Min also confirmed Jokwon's real life personality.

said "It's not just Jokwon oppa, the JYP family really gets along like a
family", "When Miss A debuted everyone supported us. Especially Wonder
Girl's Sunye unnie as well as 2PM oppas supported us a lot", revealing
their deep team work.


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Miss A's Min talks about Kkab Kwon and the JYP family
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