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 4minute in Singapore

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PostSubject: 4minute in Singapore   Fri Aug 13, 2010 11:03 pm

[10.08.14] 4minute in Singapore

The tittle says it all as the girls from 4minute make an appearance in Singapore. For this special event we had a special reporter on scene. None other then our forums kueensora from the News Squad! Yes, that's right, she was there at the scene stalking chasing the girls from the moment they left the airport till the end of the concert. Everyone remember to thank her for her hard work!

At the performance which took place at the Promontory at Marina Bay fans where already gather'd up screaming and cheering as our girls were practicing and warming up for the show. On this night the girls gave an awesome performance singing multiple songs including "Hot Issue", "Muzik", "What A Girl Wants", "I Won't Give", "HuH", and the encore was a special remix of "Hot Issue" + "Muzik" (the version they did during the 2009 golden disk award). Sounds like a pretty good line-up of songs if I must say so myself.

It was so awesome that fans that were further back in the audience broke down the barricade and forced their way up to the front. This is a shame because fans in the front rows had to pay extra for their tickets, and these other fans ignoring all guards and staff just rushed to the front without care. Kind of effects the reputation of this group of fans, they should be ashamed of themselves.

But of course with every bad thing comes a good thing. Midway through the performances the fans and crowds all sang happy birthday to maknae SoHyun and gave her good wishes. Definitely a great highlight of the night, hope she liked it!

Looks like our girls had a very exciting time in Singapore, as fans gave them lots of love and chants to show them how much they support 4minute. Just goes to show that our girls are that much closer to the top. Here we have some pictures of the big event, along with some videos of the concert and fan-cams. It's like we are right there watching them ourselves! Enjoy everyone!

Hot Issue:

What A Girl Wants:

I Won't Give:


Here are some pictures from the warm-up:

Woah, what an article. That wraps up everything, last but not least 4minute FIGHTING!

On-Site Reporting By: kueensora@4-minute.com
Article By: inuseed@4-minute.com
Picture Source: Baidu.com
Concert Video Source: alphine@4-minute.com
Fan-Cams By: kueensora@4-minute.com


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4minute in Singapore
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