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PostSubject: 100809 FANACCOUNT   Tue Aug 10, 2010 9:50 pm

Coming home crying after going to see D-NA's performance, The full story behind D-NA's recent messages!

I wanted to go see D-NA's comeback perf for "No one... anyone"
so I traveled for over three hours by car to go to the location
I was pretty early, but there already a couple of fans waiting already so I was about ninth in the line

After a while of waiting around forty fans came
But then, I won't say which group it is... But there is a group that has been around for a couple of years and they had around forty fans waiting too, who recieved twenty tickets
while we recieved only eight...

Since I was ninth in the line the tickets ran out right before my turn
I was still expecting to be able to see the boys before I left
because one of D-NA's staff, seeing the rest of us on the verge of tears, kept on asking the staff of Inkigayo for a favor..

So time passed and then "Um? They say D-NA's performance has already finished? ^.^.."
I was really upset considering the time I spent driving there by car and waiting had lasted for over five hours only to not even be able to see the performance..

At that time tears started to come and other fans of different groups were peeking at us
At that point I didn't even care enough to be embarrassed and kept crying TT_TT
The other D-NA fans were crying too but among them I think I was the worst TT_TT
My friends called then and asked if I got to see D-NA and I got even more upset and so cried even more for a while when I saw D-NA's van

.. ke I stood up crying and just stared at them, without even thinking of approaching them
maybe they saw my fansign, but all of a sudden they started lowering their windows
at that time there was nobody by my side and i was all by myself but Mika was looking in my direction and looking perplexed as to what to do
A comforting smile? He was wearing that kind of expression.

Since then the window was open it was really hectic because people were running to give them presents
Mika was accepting them and bowing but he really kept on looking at me throughout
Even then I was pretty star struck, even with tears flowing down my cheeks, so I was staring blankly
And then Mika
was moving his lips saying something that I couldn't hear.
Later the fans that had been near the car said they had heard him saying "Please don't cry" or something like that
Since I realized that with only eight fans allowed in they probably weren't able to hear the chants very well
I shouted while crying "I'm sorry we couldn't support you..!" I said it pretty loudly but there were a lot of people
and my prounciation was pretty muffled so I didn't know whether he had heard me ^.^..
But on the official fancafe
Mika posted up a message

Quote :

Everyone ^^

I heard the cheers of support ^^

Because of that, don't say you're sorry...

It doesn't matter from where..

We hear your cheers so

Please stop crying now…T_T

I love you ♥

This was what was posted
Reading this made me cry again
Since honestly I became a fan of D-NA because of Karam
I had also heard a lot about Mika's personality and how he always had such a cold expression
I had had the impression that he had a not-so-good personality
so I was really touched..
Inkigayo.. Even if they're newbies, it's still a comeback performance... it would be appreciated if you paid some special attention to them

These are some older pictures of him but
from what older fans of his say

This is definitely not him being mad or angry but just him with a blank expression...

And this is him being really happy and smiling... widely

As of now his expressions have gotten a lot better but please don't judge from expressions alone now... T.T

CREDITS: Source: 홈씨 @ 뉴!쪽빵카페 |Translation: Sera@enchantedna.com


sugkini8ika twra!! TT____________________TT
ti kalos pou einai o Mika!!
kala! mono 8 ATOMA?? 8?? ELEOS!!


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PostSubject: Re: 100809 FANACCOUNT   Wed Aug 11, 2010 12:37 am

As sto kalo me ekane kai klaiw, ti kali psyxi pou einai me sygkinise para poly to mnm tou

Mika saranghaeyo!

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