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 2AM chosen as new campaign models for Cafe Latte Dutch

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PostSubject: 2AM chosen as new campaign models for Cafe Latte Dutch   Thu Aug 05, 2010 11:30 pm

2AM chosen as new campaign models for Cafe Latte Dutch

2AM chosen as models for Everyday Dairy's Cafe Latte Americano Dutch Popularidol gr oup 2AM will be attempting a new style of transformation as the newest campaign models for cafe latte Americano Dutch. Set to be revealed on the 10th, the concept of this advertisement campaign is
'Find Your Black.' Everyday Dairy is planning to express the luxurious yet modern black concept of Americano Dutch through the 2AM members. Famous fashion photographer Oh Joongsuk will be organizing the campaign photo shoot himself, fitting each 2AM member with an individual style of
'black' fit to their images while shedding their images as idols. The playful Jo Kwon accentuated his charisma with a stylish, chic black while former model Im Seulong expresses luxury. Changmin, known for his chiseled, tight body, expresses a manly, sexy black and the cute maknae Jung Jinwoon transforms into a rebellious tough black. The transformations of 2AM will be printed on the 13th as exterior posters. Images will also be available on www.lovecaffelate.com and through
mobile smart phones. Cafe Latte will also be holding a photo contest with a 'black concept' during the time of the campaign. Winners will be gifted with the actual outfits worn by 2AM in the photo shoot along with various other prizes.


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2AM chosen as new campaign models for Cafe Latte Dutch
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