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 [Interview] WOnder Girls in Malaysia - Who's the naughtiest?,

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[Interview] WOnder Girls in Malaysia - Who's the naughtiest?, Empty
PostSubject: [Interview] WOnder Girls in Malaysia - Who's the naughtiest?,   [Interview] WOnder Girls in Malaysia - Who's the naughtiest?, EmptyThu Aug 05, 2010 10:17 am

[Interview] WOnder Girls in Malaysia - Who's the naughtiest?,

[Interview] WOnder Girls in Malaysia - Who's the naughtiest?, 57091623

THEY have been topping the Korean charts with hits like ‘Irony’, ‘Tell Me’ and ‘So Hot’ and even entered the US Billboard Top 100 with ‘Nobody’ and ‘2 Different Tears’. Their dance
moves have started a craze and now they want global domination. Malaysian Today managed to hook up with Wonder Girls’ Min Seon Yeh (SunYe), Park Yeh Eun (YeEun/Yenny), Ahn So Hee (SoHee), Kim Yubin (YuBin) and Woo Hye Rim (Hye Rim/Lim) as they came down for the MTV World Stage Live in Malaysia recently. We were pleasantly surprised to find them a rather bubbly bunch.

Malaysian Today: Since you girls have been touring around a lot, have you managed to find any boyfriends?
Wonder Girls:We wish!
SunYe: We are kind of boyfriends with each other.
Yenny: Currently we don’t have any boyfriends.
Lim: Currently?? (Everyone laughs)
Yenny: Yeah, we’re trying to focus on what we’re doing, our careers for now.

Q: During the Press conference, Katy
Perry mentioned you girls as the artiste she would like to work with,
what do think about that?
five: Oh wow… oh my God! (A few screams)
Yenny: We didn’t know that! We’d really like to work with her too, seriously. We love her so much, she’s awesome!
SunYe: We love every song of hers, like ‘Hot and Cold’, ‘I Kissed a Girl’… (Screams from the girls)
Lim: Yeah we’d really love to work with her also.

Q: How do you girls manage your fan base in both Korea and the US?
SunYe: Twitter…
SoHee: Yeah, Twitter!
SunYe: We’ve been doing it for a year now, but sometimes it’s hard to
pick a language because our Korean fans want us to communicate in Korean
while our US and other Asian fans would like us to use English, so
we’ve had to use both languages.
Lim: It’s always fun, since we’re always on the road yet we can talk to our fans.

Q: Other Korean artistes like Rain,
DBSK, Super Junior and even BEAST have performed here. Will your fans
here have the chance to watch a full-blown Wonder Girls concert on our

All Five: Wooo…!
Yenny: We don’t have a specific plan yet, but we’ll definitely love to come back here and have our full concert.
Lim: We love our Malaysian fans, the food, the weather and everything… we’ll definitely come back!

Q: You girls are the first South Korean
artistes to enter the US Billboard Top 100 charts and the first Asian
act to do so in 30 years. How does that feel?

YuBin: Unbelievable!
SoHee: It’s amazing, a real wonder!
SunYe: We were screaming and just couldn’t believe it at first and we believe we should work harder to pursue our dreams.

Q: We heard that the latest season of
your reality show MTV Wonder Girls will be partly filmed in Malaysia.
What can we look forward to?

Yenny: You’ll get to see behind the scenes of the Wonder Girls like how we prepare the stage and how New York life was.
SunYe: And a little bit on our US concerts and how we prepare our music, clothes and our choreography and stuff.

Q: Are you girls best friends in real life? Do you girls have any catfights?
YuBin: I think we are more like a family.
SunYe: We are just like real sisters, so sometimes we fight…
SoHee: We fight about food and small, petty things.
Yenny: I mean we don’t actually punch each other or something.
SunYe: Not often! (Everyone laughs)

Q: Out of all the outfits throughout the years, which one is your favourite?
Yenny: I love the ‘Nobody’ dresses. We’ve got gold, sparkly dresses, I really like that one. YuBin: Uh, I don’t know…
SoHee: I like the school look for our first song, and also our first concept.
Lim: I really like the look of our latest from ‘2 Different Tears’, which were by SoHee and YuBin. They came up with the idea.
SoHee & YuBin: Shh!! (Everyone laughs)

Q: You girls have amazing style on stage, so what are your styles like, off-stage?
SoHee: (points at YuBin) Well she’s a rapper…
The Rest: No, off-stage! (Everyone laughs)
Yenny: YuBin likes a kind-off rock-ish, funky style.
YuBin: But it depends on where we are actually.
Yenny: Sometimes we dress up, like in mini dresses but usually we wear something really comfortable like jeans and t-shirts.

Q: What do you do during your free time?
Lim: I like to watch movies and go shopping.
SoHee: Sometimes we go to karaoke together.
SunYe: Our favourite song would be ‘Nobody’… (She looks around) Oh oh… (Everyone laughs)
Lim: We also like to sing songs by BoA and other girl groups like So Nyeo Shi Dae (Girls’ Generation)’s ‘Gee’.

Q: Do you girls ever miss living a normal girl’s life?
Yenny: Sometimes… like when we miss our family or friends’ birthdays or
like when we can’t attend some family events like my brother’s
graduation and stuff.
The Rest: Awww…
Yenny: But even though we are missing some part of normal life, we are
also living our dreams so I feel we should just be grateful for what
we’re doing now.

Q: Which of you girls is the most naughty and talkative?
Yenny: Most naughty? We don’t have naughty ones! But I think I’m the talkative one.

SunYe: Yup, you’re the talkative one. (Everyone laughs)
YuBin: Who’s naughty? (The rest stare at her) Oops, never mind. (Everyone laughs again)

Q: You girls are known for your
infectious dance moves like those from ‘Irony’ ‘Tell Me’, ‘So Hot’ and
so on, so which one do you enjoy performing the most?

All Five: ‘Nobody’!
Yenny: Because everyone knows the dance moves. It’s amazing to see
people actually dancing our moves on stage. We get goose bumps!

Q: Your latest single has meaningful lyrics: Have any of you actually experienced, ‘2 Different Tears’?
All Five: Umm… Uhh… (Everyone laughs)
YuBin: Well, not just in love, but definitely when we were touring.
SunYe: Like our last show in Hawaii, it was happy and also sad, because
it was our last show there. I felt that way (Sobs a little).

Q: Do you have a role model?
Lim: I really look up to BoA. Before I got into this industry, I always
listened to her music, and when I auditioned, I sang and danced with her
song. She’s my favourite idol.


Malaysian Today (a Malaysian Youth Publication)

raptorclans@MyWonderfuls or raptorclans@WGSPECTACLE or Aris Tee

[Interview] WOnder Girls in Malaysia - Who's the naughtiest?, 2e3rim8
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[Interview] WOnder Girls in Malaysia - Who's the naughtiest?,
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