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 4minute poses in the bathroom

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PostSubject: 4minute poses in the bathroom   Wed Aug 04, 2010 6:22 am

4minute sported their sponsored clothing in the bathroom? They sure did.

In Korea, celebrities usually wear sponsored items for photoshoots, TV shows and more. They always make sure to take a separate photo of themselves to have it on record.

I guess 4minute’s photos had to be taken fast because they were taken in the bathroom.

Someone posted these on an online bulletin board and wrote, “The background is the bathroom. They usually pose at their company building or in front of their rooms but now the bathroom. Did they want the bathroom lighting?

Netizens wrote,

Quote :
“Sponsored photos seem like a photoshoot.”
“Nice smelling bathroom scent.”
“The background is a fail.”

I don’t actually think they’re all in a bathroom. Though if they are, it is a funny thing to imagine.

Credits: Allkpop


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4minute poses in the bathroom
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