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 4minute on DON and Mezamashi

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PostSubject: 4minute on DON and Mezamashi   Tue Aug 03, 2010 4:44 pm

[10.08.04] 4minute on DON and Mezamashi

As we all know our girls are promoting in Japan and are doing performances to do so. Our girls are also making appearances on television shows in Japan to gain more attention then they already have. Despite a tight schedule and multiple shows they still manage to pull off flawless performances. We see them on the show "DON" doing their routine to "I My Me Mine". Greeting fans in Japanese and with bright smiles our girls are gaining popularity quickly and are rising ever so quickly. Lets hope they receive plenty of love like they do here and gain many more fans in Japan! The clips aren't subbed YET but for those who are wondering how our girls are doing, or just wanting to see the girls because we miss them here are the two clips below, enjoy!!

4minute on "DON"

4minute on "Mezamashi"

Reported By: inuseed@4-minute.com
Video Source: chama443@youtube.com


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4minute on DON and Mezamashi
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